To you I’d rather be a passing thought                         

Than pass you in the hall with my eyes low          

In hopes of missing your careless hello

In hopes of keeping my heart beating slow.

To you I’d rather be someone you miss

Than someone who’s standing right beside you

Not quite far enough from your eye’s kiss

Not very far from another you’ve kissed.

To you I’d rather be close only in

The memories you keep hidden within.

I am tortured by our proximity

Because you want nothing to do with me.

Closeness I will passionately evade

For it was passionate closeness that made

You loathe your friend who always carried you

Made you seek another body to prove

What I supplied, could be supplied to you

By someone who could actually handle

The truth that you granting love doesn’t

Grant the joy of being loved by you.

But, Sure.

Yeah, I guess everything is cool.

If I could choose, I’m not quite sure whether

I’d ask for your body or just our voices together

I wouldn’t deny my lips your sweet treasure

But the sound of your laugh in my ears might

be better I miss my friend who always had something to say

I miss the times we’d spend the whole day

I know we’re close, and it’s getting late

And maybe it’s good that I’m feeling this way

I’ll be able to handle life when we leave,

Because without you I guess I’ve learned to breathe

I wish I could say the latter was really true

I wish I could say I don’t ache for you

But I’m here, again, putting it out there

Praying that this might make you care

Because it wasn’t enough for me to lay my shit bare

I guess it wasn’t enough for me to rip out my hair

I punched my pride in its nose and kicked my sore heart

We stopped talking and I just wanted to start

But my courage was short and it wasn’t enough

All you could muster was, “You miss me? Tough.”

And yeah I miss you much, you’re standing right there I miss you so much, you don’t seem to care

Let me drive you home, let me stop and stare

I’ll say just one time, act like I don’t care

I miss you so much, I miss your brown hair I miss you so much, you don’t seem to care

Put my shit on the line, it’s all out there

You put up walls to hide behind, I’m scared

To miss you so much, you don’t even care

Miss you so much, wanna kiss you so much

Hate you so much, but you don’t give a fuck

What did I do, do I not have your trust?

What can I do to make you give a fuck?

I’m slipping away and you won’t even look

I could fill pages, I could write a whole book

And yes I miss you like that

But if you give me one thing

It’s your friendship I want back.