Feature: Maddiedoesntexist

Madeline Tyre

My name is Madeline Tyre aka Maddiedoesntexist. Since I was a child, music has encompassed a large part of my identity. I create music out of necessity for myself but I also hope to create art that compels people to feel something outside their comfort zone. I have always been a singer. Growing up, I always felt the need to sing with friends or my sister. However, as an artist, I have been transformed for the better due to multiple barriers that helped me get to where I am in my artistic journey.

I grew up in Mississippi and I’m a current student at Mississippi State University. Although this is in no way the type of environment I strive to live my life in, I can say I have met some of the most insanely talented individuals who have kept me inspired in my creative journey. I find that the lack of diversity and prejudice I witnessed growing up in Mississippi helped dictate ways in which I learned to carry myself and live my life. I feel grateful for all that I’ve been able to experience.  

For the longest time, I felt insecure about my capabilities as an artist. Growing up with an identical twin sister made it difficult for me to find a way to express myself as an individual. I didn’t hear any appeal in my vocal style and to this day I still find myself too focused on other artists. In such instances, I have trained myself to remember why I am doing this in the first place. To remember that music isn’t a competition but rather a necessary practice, to liberate the my inside feelings out onto paper, and reflect on them through bittersweet melodies.  

Nostalgia is a common theme in my music. When I look at the sky or how the sunlight caresses the tip of the trees, I can easily be transported back to a different time of my life. Certain smells can bring back past presences of people I once knew or images I remember from my childhood eyes. I feed off of that shit. One day, I would like to make an album solely based off of sounds and expressions that correlate to those memories. One of my biggest musical inspirations has to be Salami Rose Joe Louis. She is ahead of us all with the way she translates her hypnotic voice and futuristic production into a dream-like experience. I can listen to her over and over again during any situation I face in my life. It is like watching the sun come and go. It absorbs you.  

I didn’t start making music of my own until I was about 16 years old. A good friend I’d always admired in high school helped me explore new places I could take my art and helped me produce music of my own. Writing music quickly became a communication tool for me. Collaborating with other artists also allowed me to blend and adapt techniques, helping me grow as an artist.

I don’t know if my music fits into any genre as I’m very much still in an experimental phase when I create. I think a lot more about the purpose of my music in my creative process. I find myself making music with soft, calm, and vulnerable sounds as they evoke the feeling of dancing with friends at strange times in the night. Knowing someone somewhere can listen to my words and feel at ease in their skin makes everything else seem small. I know that I have much more to learn to get to where I want with music, but I welcome the growth and progress that awaits.